Voter Options - Voter Labels

You may want to use your voters' names in your vote setup, whether that is to keep track of voters in your voter list or to personalize your notices by directly addressing a voter by name. However, your voters' names may not always be unique, and therefore could not be used as Ballot IDs since they need to be unique to each voter.

Voter Labels allow you to use your voters' names in your vote for whatever purpose you need.


Important Notes

  • If you use voter labels, you can search for your voters in the Voter Status list of your vote using their voter label.
  • It's optional. ElectionBuddy only requires contact information about your voters to send notices.
  • It is not equivalent to a Ballot ID. Whereas Ballot IDs must be unique, voter labels do not need to be unique. However, Ballot IDs are mandatory if running a multi-channel vote (a vote where you notify voters to vote using multiple notification methods).
  • You can use whatever you'd like for your voter label. Because it is not a requirement of your vote, there are no content/formatting restrictions for your voter labels.
  • Voter Labels are set up in your voter list, meaning that you can import/copy and paste them in with the rest of your voter list.
  • You can use the {{voter_label}} variable in your Notices when using Advanced Notice Customization on the Notice Page.

For more uses of the Voter Label variable, please see - Personalizing your Notices and Ballots with Variables

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Apr 25, 2024