Cumulative Voting Setup

Organizations may allow their members to vote with a power based on shares, split their votes between candidates to enhance competition or account for Direct Proxies. These are just as in a few use cases of the voting method. Cumulative voting is a system that allows participants to allocate multiple votes to a single choice or distribute their votes among multiple choices.

Cumulative Voting Setup

On your ballot question, switch the default voting system to Cumulative.


ElectionBuddy offers three variations of Cumulative Voting:


The default variation is set to Classic. Where the voters are assigned votes equal to the number of vacancies outlined.


Classic Variant

To update the assigned votes to an amount equal to the amount designated for all voters. Use the drop-down menu to select the number of votes every vote will be assigned.


Multi-Voting, Dot-Voting, Split Voting

To assign each voter a unique number of votes, use the drop-down menu to select "Cumulative votes in the voter list". The number of votes each voter can cast will be entered in the voter list under a "Cumulative Votes" column on the Voters Page.


The number of votes each voter can cast will be assigned to the voter list in a column "Cumulative Votes" column when on the Voters Page.


Vote Assignment Requirement

You can set it so voters are to assign "Exactly" or "Up to" their number of assigned votes.


Voter Experience

Voters assign the votes they are allocated between choices by using the "+" and "-" buttons to the right of each choice, or by typing the number of votes in the box.

The number of votes that are available for the voter is indicated in the Voter Instructions by default, and at the bottom of the ballot. This provided clear instructions so it is easy for voters to identify how many votes have been assigned and have been allocated.


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Jun 13, 2024