Importing Custom Voter Information with Your Voter List

Sometimes there is a need to display more than the basic voting information on the notice and ballot that you present to voters. This article will outline how you can achieve this using CSV Voter Lists and variables.

If you have content that you would like to display on each notice, especially content that is unique per voter, create a column for that data in your Voter CSV file. For example, Member ID and address information.

When you upload your Voter List as a CSV file, choose the option to import "all columns", regardless if they are needed for your specific voter configuration. You may need to manually map some of the columns from your file to the available ElectionBuddy columns.


You can now access the data in these additional columns on notices and ballots by using Variables.



Enable Advanced Notice Customization to use variables in creating the content on your notice. This will allow you to write your own content, including the values associated with the variable that you now have access to via your Voter List.


Example: Add a Mailing Address to Printed Notices

To mail an election packet to your voters with a printed notice, you can add voters' mailing addresses to the printed notice using custom variables. This allows quick identification to know where to mail each notice.


The PDF you download after you've started your election, will automatically have the data for each voter for their specific printed notice.


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Apr 25, 2024