Printed Notices and Paper Ballots

While electronic voting can be convenient for many, it may not be accessible to everyone. Printed Notices and Paper Ballots offer an inclusive voting option for all voters.

ElectionBuddy offers two types of Paper Notices and Ballots, Printed Ballots and Postal Ballots. This article is for Paper Ballot where you distribute the printed paper notices and ballots. You will receive a printable PDF file that includes, for each voter, voting instructions and a link with an access key and can also include Paper Ballots.

If you are interested in Postal Notices and Ballots where ElectionBuddy mails them on your behalf please see Postal Notices - Mailing a Postcard or Letter with Paper Ballot.

Setting up Printed Notices with optional Paper Ballots

  • On the Notice Page, select "Printed Notices" along with any other notice type.


  • Include Voter Addresses
    • Each printed notice is addressed to each voter on the voter list using variables that auto-populate the voter's mailing information when printed. Advanced Notice Customization is required. Please see Voter Addresses in Printed Notices
  • Include a QR code
    • Scanning a QR code on a cellphone will authenticate the voter and take them to their ballot in one quick step.
  • Include information about candidates and options
    • Voters will receive any available information about the candidates and options that have been added to Candidate Profiles.
  • Include a Sample Ballot
    • Voters will receive a ballot with a "Sample" watermark over the ballot.
  • Include a Paper Ballot
    • Include a tear-off section for ballot submission - Voters will be able to fill out a tear-off portion and return only that portion of the ballot.
    • Preview the Paper Ballot - Select the orange "Preview" link to ensure that there are no surprises when you start your vote and go to start printing the ballots.
  • On the Voter Page select "Ballot IDs" under Vote Options. This will help you distribute the correct notice to the intended voter.
  • Each voter requires a Ballot IDs in your voter list. The Ballot IDs do not have to be significant, but they do have to be unique, so even something as simple as sequential numbering will work.



Downloading Printed Notices and Ballots

When your vote is "Ready", or "Running", you will be able to download your printed notices as PDF. These notices can be viewed/downloaded from the Results Page of your vote in two ways.

Downloading a single Printed notice:
  • Locate the Ballot ID that corresponds to the Printed Notice that you want to download.
  • Check the box associated with that voter and a list of drop-down options will appear.
  • Choose "Print Notice". A new tab will open in your web browser that contains a PDF of the voter's printed notice.
  • You can then download and print the notice. The voter's status will turn to "Printed" in your voter list.


Downloading all Printed notices:
  • On the Results Page, from the “Actions” drop-down menu, select "Print Notices".
  • You can choose to print all notices or print them for just the voters without contact information.
  • If you need to distribute physical voting material to your voters, in addition to any electronic notifications they receive, select "for everyone".
  • To print notices for your voters without contact information, select "only for voters created with no contact information".
  • The file will then generate, and then select "Download".
  • All voters whose notices were printed will now show their status as "Printed" in your voter list.


Please also see Submitting Paper Ballots

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen

Apr 25, 2024