Hybrid Votes - Remote and Onsite

Voters may wish to vote in person rather than electronically, and that decision can be influenced by a combination of reasons including individual preferences, technological comfort, unable attend the meeting in person, or lack of access to an electronic device. A hybrid vote is a great way to allow voters to cast their ballots onsite or remotely.

Depending on your setup, members in attendance can vote via paper ballots, an electronic Kiosk, or their electronic device. Remote members can join the vote by casting their ballots online

ElectionBuddy provides many features to ease the process of distributing notices and recording the votes. Voters can receive printed notices by mail or physically in attendance. These notices can also include a QR code that can be scanned by an electronic device. There are also electronic choices such as email and SMS to distribute notices.

Here are some articles that outline some steps you can take for a successful on-site vote: Onsite Votes & Onsite Voting - Best Practices

Hybrid Vote Setup

To set up a hybrid onsite and remote vote there are several choices. We suggest using printed notices alongside your other electronic notices. This will allow you to provide notice and use ElectionBuddys kiosk mode for onsite voting. Voters can use a kiosk or another electronic device along with their printed notices to cast their votes.

Here are some articles that explain these in more detail:


Recording the Vote

To vote in person, voters can scan the QR code on their printed notice with an electronic device, such as a tablet, or enter their unique access key into the device at the kiosk to load their ballot and cast their vote. This saves you from having to enter paper ballots into ElectionBuddy. Remote voters can access their ballots through their phones or computers and submit their ballots electronically.

If you are running a paper-based onsite voting station, you would need to provide a paper ballot and would then manually input the voter's choices into ElectionBuddy afterward. For steps on setting up a vote with Paper Ballots please see: Printed Notices and Paper Ballots

Sharing the Results

ElectionBuddy tallies the results as they come in. Sharing the outcome with your voters is easy. At the end of your vote, you can simply share the results through ElectionBuddy or provide them yourself.

For more information on sharing results please check out the articles below:

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen

Apr 25, 2024