Kiosk Mode for Onsite Voting

ElectionBuddy allows you to set up a streamlined onsite voting process. The voter sign-in page can be used in a "kiosk mode" that allows voters to easily cast their ballots onsite.

A tablet or computer with internet access is required to run the kiosk. If you are running a paper-based onsite voting station, simply provide a paper ballot instead of an electronic device, and then input the voter's choices into ElectionBuddy after it is submitted.

All ballots, entered on the Kiosk by the voter or entered manually from a paper ballot by an election official, will all be recorded to provide accurate vote results.

Kiosk Mode

Place the device voters will use in a private space to ensure a confidential vote. Log into ElectionBuddy and go to the Result page for the vote. From the Actions menu, choose Kiosk Entry.


You can select the refresh rate for the page, and launch the Kiosk immediately. Kiosk mode will open in the browser window, and log the user out of ElectionBuddy.


The Kiosk URL can also be copied and distributed via email or text for manual entry into multiple devices.

Kiosk Mode Voter Experience

Voters will enter their credentials and cast their ballots. After the ballot is submitted, the browser will refresh and return to the Sign In page for the next voter. Voters will not be able to hit the back button and view the previous voter's ballot.


Browser Kiosk Mode

Although a full-screen browser window in ElectionBuddy's Kiosk mode is sufficient for ensuring the integrity of the vote, browser-based Kiosk functionality can also be used.

Many browsers have their own Kiosk mode which limits the user of the device from closing the browser window or changing its size unless a specific pre-defined key-stroke is used.

Here are some resources for various browser Kiosk settings.

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen.

Apr 25, 2024