MeetingVote - Voting and Setup Quick Tips

ElectionBuddy provides organizations with the ability to seamlessly and efficiently handle voting on motions, agenda items, candidate positions, or any other question type during meetings.

In ElectionBuddy, create a MeetingVote in advance for each known vote required during your meeting. MeetingVotes can also be quickly created when needed during the meeting. Individual MeetingVotes are accessible to voters on the organization's Meeting Page when activated. After administrators close voting on a given MeetingVote, the results are immediately available and can be shared with voters.

Voter Requirements

Voters must have access to their own computer, smartphone, or tablet that can connect to the internet. As each vote is presented to voters, voters will cast their ballots from their devices.

For voters who do not have their own device, a shared device using ElectionBuddy's Kiosk Entry can be used. Multiple Kiosks are recommended to minimize the wait time for voters using a shared device.

Registration for Meetings

ElectionBuddy recommends that one MeetingVote be created to manage registration for your meeting. This allows voters the opportunity to sign in to the Meeting Page and cast a test vote on a sample ballot. This also allows the administrators to identify any invalid voter emails or voters who may have other issues during the live meeting.

Organizing MeetingVotes

In ElectionBuddy, you can see all the MeetingVotes created in your organization on the Dashboard. The current status of each MeetingVote is visible to help manage the meeting agenda.

An example set of votes created for a meeting:


Voter Experience

  1. Voters receive a notice which contains their access key and password by email, text message, or paper prior to the meeting. These credentials allow voters to register for the meeting, and vote during the meeting.
  2. To register, voters use the link provided in their notice, and sign in using their access key and password.
  3. Voters are presented with the first ballot and cast their vote.
  4. Once voters submit a ballot, they are presented with a confirmation code. Voters continue to the Meeting Page and await the next ballot to be presented.
  5. After each vote concludes, administrators may share the results prior to presenting the next ballot.

Setting Up Your MeetingVote Votes

The MeetingVote Setup is similar to creating a vote in ElectionBuddy. However, some meeting-specific differences are important to understand.


  • Medium Integrity is used for all MeetingVotes. This allows voters to access the individual ballot presented during the meeting with one set of credentials that are unique to each voter.

Questions per ballot

  • Only one question is added to each ballot. Each vote during a meeting is counted and reported on separately. Therefore each MeetingVote can only represent one question.


  • Voters access each ballot from the Meeting Page and the Meeting Page URL can be customized by you. Edit your Organization Key to create a meaningful URL that voters can easily remember.
  • Customize your Vote Key. The text entered for the Vote Key is used to customize the access link to your MeetingVote Vote.

The Vote Key also appears on the voting button on the meeting page, which allows users to log into the meeting.



  • Select a method to send notice to voters. Only the first MeetingVote should be configured to send notices. Subsequent MeetingVotes should be set to Access Keys.

Voters Page

  • Add voter credentials

Review Page

  • Verify setup information.

Creating Subsequent Motions

Once you have completed creating the first vote for your meeting, return to the Dashboard, select the vote, and from the Actions Menu duplicate the vote.


Make the following edits on all of the next motions

  • Title, Vote Key, and Date and Time on the Details Page
  • Question Title, Detail, Choices, and Options on the Ballot Page
  • Select "Create Notices Yourself" on the Notice Page

After all your MeetingVotes are created, open each MeetingVote when ready and click on "Start Election". This will make the ballot question accessible on the organization's Meeting Page.

Customizing the Meeting Page

Voters are sent to the Meeting page to await each vote in your meeting. Access the Organization Edit screen from the Main Menu.


You can customize the meeting page with your organization name, logo, and instructions. This is also a customization of the default Organization Key and Vote Key entered.


Please note: the logo and organization name will be edited for the ballot as well.

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Jun 10, 2024