Absentee Ballots

Organizations may want to allow their voters to submit an absentee ballot. Absentee ballots are a way to allow voters, who are unable or unwilling to vote during the official voting period or at the official polling station, to submit an absentee ballot. The use of absentee ballots can effectively expand the opportunity for members to exercise their right to vote.

ElectionBuddy offers several solutions!

Running a smaller vote in advance

Running a smaller vote in advance lets you give all voters the same voting experience outside of the voting period.

You can create a separate vote for absentee voters and exclude them from the larger vote. Duplicating your vote saves you time while letting you edit the voter’s list between votes.

After both votes are closed, you can manually combine the results. Please see our article on how to Download Vote Reports – including the Results.


Manual Notice Delivery at Voters' Request

ElectionBuddy allows you to send notices manually to each voter instead of all at once. This lets you start the vote and send the notice to the absentee voters before the other voters. Then on formal voting day, you send the other voters their notices. Please see our article on Manual Notice Delivery at Voters Request.


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May 8, 2024