Manual Notice Delivery at Voters Request

Sending notices to voters at different times can be a strategy in various situations such as increasing voter engagement as you may increase the likelihood that voters will pay attention to the notice if delivered at a time that is convenient to them. For example, if your voter base spans multiple time zones, it could make sense to send notices at times that are convenient for the recipients in those time zones, or if voters need to be in attendance to vote at the meeting, send notices to only those who show up.

ElectionBuddy supports this level of voter-by-voter flexibility, and is available for Email Notice, SMS (Text) Notices, and Postal Notices.

Setting up for Manual On-Demand Notices

On the Notice Page, select the notice delivery method you wish to use. For any Notice methods selected that are delivered by ElectionBuddy, you will see these Send options.


Selecting "No date - only when voters request" allows you to send each voter their Notice to vote independently, on a voter-by-voter basis, once the vote is Running.

Sending On-Demand Notices

While the vote is running, on the Results Page, the voter status will have "Ready to Send". This indicates that the on-demand notice has not been sent yet.


To send the on-demand Notices, select the box next to the specific vote you want to receive the notice and select "Send Notice" from the Action menu that opens.


From the "Send Notice" menu that opens, select the notice method to send by and select "Send". The notice will be sent right away, and the voter status will update to "Not Voted".


If you have selected "No date - only when voters request" Notices for more than 1 method (Email and SMS for example), they can be sent separately, at different times. You will also see a history of which notices have been sent, and which notices are still available to send.


You can also easily send the voter another on-demand Notice quickly from the Sent Confirmation screen that appears.


For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen.

Apr 25, 2024