Telephone Voting

Some voters may be unable to vote online or by mail. Voters who want to vote via phone might want to do so because they do not have an email address, or maybe they don't want to mail back a paper ballot.

You can accommodate them by accepting their vote over the telephone. Whatever the reason, you can include these voters in your voter list without contact information.

Who Should Your Voter Contact

To accommodate people who want to vote over the phone you will need to provide them with a phone number to contact and voting hours. For example, see the edited email notice below:


Including Phone Voters in Your Voters List

  • Under "Notices", choose "Create Notices Yourself", along with any other notice types you are using. This will allow you to enter just a Ballot ID for your voters without having to enter any other contact information.
  • Edit your notice templates, and then proceed to the "Voters"
  • Ballot IDs are automatically enabled in the "Voter Options" settings. Ballot IDs are mandatory when using multiple notice types for a vote
  • Scroll down to "Voter Information"
  • For your voter list, all voters must have a Ballot ID. Whether they have any other information depends on what notice type you are using for them. Below is an example of how you might set up your voter list if you had two voters using email notices, two voters using SMS notices, and two voters using manual keys (these would be your phone voters):


  • Finish setting up your vote, proceed to the "Review" page, and get the vote started.

Entering a Phone Vote

  • Head to the "Results" tab of your election and select the voter who has called you:


  • Select the option "Show Access Key" in the dropdown menu. A window will appear, confirming that you want to surface your voter's access key. Confirm that you want to, and the access key will appear in the window. Take a record of the access key and close the window.
  • That voter's status will turn from "Available" to "Key Surfaced" in your voter list.
  • Head to, enter the voter access key and select the "Start voting" button.


  • Go through the ballot with your voter step by step. Once your voter has provided you with all their answers submit their ballot and provide them with their confirmation code for their records.

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen

Apr 25, 2024