Results and Reports - Voting Results

Voting Results allows administrators to customize and download a results report customized to the organization's needs. The report can be printed or saved as a PDF.

To access the results summary, select the Actions menu and select "Voting Results".


This will take you to the Voter Results Settings where you can select the different options to tailor the report to your needs. The items that you can customize are listed below:


  • Voter's View Results – Determine if/when voters can view the Results
  • Results Link – This link you can share with your voters that shows the Results
    • Selecting “Copy QRCode” will let you paste an easy-to-scan QR code
  • Sharing options – Select Print and/or Download
  • Reports – Select which Reports you’d like to include
    • Results – Show or hide the breakdown of the results
    • Graphs – Show or hide the graphs
    • Vote by Vote – Randomized list of all the ballots submitted in your vote
    • Voter Audit – Allows voters to Verify their Votes after they've been cast
    • Administrator Audit – Actions that have taken place during a running vote
  • Option to Show or Hide:
    • Summary
    • Notice
    • Winners
    • Percentage
    • Comments
  • Graph Options - Customize your graphs through a pie or a bar graph with a fill.

Once you have customized your Results Summary to the point that you are happy you can select the “Download” or "Print" button in the right-hand corner to generate your final report which you can save as a PDF.


To learn more about sharing the Results, please see Sharing Results With Voters

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen

Apr 25, 2024