Changing Voters Ability to View Results

There are various reasons why one would need to change their Voter's ability to view results while the vote is running.

If you come across one of those reasons, you can change your voters' ability to view the results during your vote by editing the Voter Access to Results setting you selected during your vote setup.

Editing the Voter Access to Results Setting

To edit the Voter Access to Results setting:

  • On the Results Page
  • Select "Voting Results" from the Actions Drop-Down Menu
  • At the top of the Voting Results Setting, choose how the voters can view Results.


  • If the results are viewable to the voters, the window will contain a Results Link. You can share the link with your voters so they can access the vote results.
  • Select Save Settings to save your changes.

The Anytime After Voting Starts setting may be greyed out, as shown above. This means the Administrator Access to Results setting you selected during your vote setup only allows you to see the results after voting ends, so your voters also won't be able to see the results until after the vote ends.

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Apr 25, 2024