Using a Prior Ballot Question

There may be situaitons where you are creating similar votes, so to save time when creating, ElectionBuddy allows you to reuse any ballot questions you have created previously, including those from "Incomplete" votes.

Using a prior question can save time when taking nominations and creating the ballot question they were nominated for, as duplicating that question will include all submitted nominations as the candidates. Please see this article to learn more about Nomination Voting.

How to Use a Prior Question

Start from the Ballot page and select “Add Positions or Questions”. From the pop-up modal, select “Use a Prior Question”


That will bring up a window to select a prior question. All questions you’ve created will be available to choose from, "Completed", “Live” or “Incomplete”


You can search for a question by the Vote ID, Vote Title, Position or Question Title.

If you’d like to view the question before selecting it, select “View” and you’ll get a preview in the window.


To add the question to your ballot, choose “Select” and the question will be added.

If the title of the question is already being used in your vote, the question title will have the word “Copy” added.

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of your screen.

Apr 25, 2024