Payment - Not the Price You Thought

During free testing with ElectionBuddy, you may have found the setup and features use that fit your organization's needs best, however, once you created your Live vote you are being presented a price on the Review Page that was more than you had expected or outside of what your organization had initially approved for the vote.

Pricing is dependent both on your voter list size, as well as the features utilized. Please also see Pricing and Vote Cost.

Common Items That Impact Pricing

Reviewing Price Breakdown

To see a breakdown of the cost and suggestions on how to lower it.

  • On the Review Page, select the orange Not the price you thought? link beside the red "Payment Due:" message.


  • The screen will expand to show your pricing details, the current voter count, and any features you've used in your setup that impact pricing.


  • Select the "Edit" link next to the features you want to remove and you will be automatically taken to that setup page where you can remove the feature. In this example, back to the Notice Page to remove "Advanced Notice Customization"


  • On that Setup Page, remove the paid feature to lower your price, and return to the Review Page to see the updated Payment Due.


  • If the price is as you expect, you can continue to select "Proceed to Payment"


Annual Subscriptions

If you have an agreement with ElectionBuddy, such as an Annual Subscription, you might receive the following message. This means there are features enabled that fall outside of your plan. Please contact us if you think this is a mistake. If the message states you do not have enough Voter Credits to cover the voter list, please see Annual Account - Purchasing Additional Credits.


For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen

Apr 25, 2024