Account Billing and History

Account history can be important for maintaining records, especially if an organization's vote administrator may change from year to year. The Billing and History section allows you to view your billing and payment details and provides visibility into past votes in the account. The Information reports for each vote can also be downloaded and shared.

Accessing Billing and History

From the Account, drop-down menu in your Dashboard, choose "Billing and History"


The Billing and History section includes the following account-specific details:

Billing Plan

Outlines the Billing Plan associated with the Account. Including Pay Per Election, Annual Plan, Agreement, and more. To learn more about other Billing Plans Contact Us at


Payment Method

The Payment Method section outlines the last four digits of the credit card on file to pay for votes which can be easily used to pay for the next votes. If you need to update this payment information, you can do so by choosing Delete Credit Card and then using a new card to pay for your next vote and it will be added automatically.


Plan Details

The Plan Details section indicates the number of Administrators associated with your Account. If you need to add an Additional Administrator Please see: Adding Administrators to Organizations.


Vote History

This section allows the Administrator to view all votes run in the account. You can view the votes of all statuses, running or completed, including the ones that have been deleted, as well as the amount paid for each vote.


Payments and Costs

Administrators can also view the payments made for votes run in the account. Transaction Receipts for the votes can be accessed by clicking on the orange link associated with each vote under the "Amount" column.


Organizations Filter

This allows you to filter votes based on the organization. It provides visibility into the votes created for each organization. This can be helpful when working with multiple organizations and needing to view each organization separately

The "Download" button allows you to generate a report of the account transactions. The Report is exported in Excel format and includes the details of all the past votes.


If there is additional information you require to be included on a transaction receipt (for example, your company name and address, tax number), please send the Vote ID and information to, and we can include and send it again.

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen

Jun 5, 2024