Dashboard Navigation - Menus and Filters

The Dashboard provides functions to manage your account, lists all your votes, enables you to manage and monitor votes, and allows you to navigate to Billing and Settings and other areas of ElectionBuddy quickly. The dashboard has 3 areas:


The account menu serves several purposes to assist in navigating your account. and allows administrators to access and manage account settings, including profile information, organizations, administrators, and billing and history.


Learn more about what is in each menu option.

Dashboard Filters

An account that has more than one vote will have filter options available on the Dashboard. Filtering allows you to focus on specific votes. It simplifies the view helping you gain insights, by isolating votes based on certain criteria.


  • Status: Filters are available for votes in any one of the following 4 states: Incomplete, Needs Payment, Ready to Run, Running, or Ended.
  • Type: Each filter is categorized as either an ElectionVote, MeetingVote, Announcement, or VoteBox.
  • Organizations/Users: If an account has more than one organization or administrator this filter is used to see the votes specific to one organization or administrator. For example, HOA community managers who manage more than one community can view votes specific to one community.
  • Keyword Search: Allow a search by keywords in the titles of votes. In the example above, all voting events with "Board" in the title have been filtered on the dashboard.

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Jun 5, 2024