Deleting a Vote From Your Account

Due to a lot of testing, or being a long-term customer of ElectionBuddy, you may have a number of tests or votes you simply no longer need anymore and want to clean up your account Dashboard. To help, you can delete votes from your account easily as long as they are not currently running.

Important Notes
  • If the vote is still running, it will need to be closed first.
  • Deleting a vote permanently deletes all setup information and voting results.
  • Deleted votes and associated data cannot be recovered.

Deleting a Vote

From the Dashboard, select the checkbox next to the vote (or votes) you wish to delete. From the Actions menu, choose "Delete".


Before deletion, you will be prompted with a warning message to confirm the action.


If your vote is in a Vote Box, you'll need to remove it first before deleting it on the Dashboard.

If you have accidentally deleted a vote from your account, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen

Jun 5, 2024